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List of all known Electreks that still exist and their history



Declan Kavanaugh

Declan Kavanaugh bought this 1979 Panel Van in December of 2020. The car was purchased from Samuel Jones, a former employee of Unique Mobility. The car sat in a garage from 1993 until 2020. Declan Kavanaugh with the help of Jim McCullough (Jim really did all the work, couldn't have done it without him) brought the car back to driving condition in April of 2021. As of now the car is in driving condition, but still has flaws. Currently the car needs a new charger, DC to DC converter and clutch.

Known History
This car was made by Unique Mobility in 1979. This electric car has vin number 1. The car was first used as a part getter for the Unique Mobility factory. At some point (most likely early 80s) This car was sent to Soleq in Chicago to test the motor controller. After its time in Chicago, the car made its way back to Unique Mobility thanks to a man named Titus, where it was used until 1991 at which point it was sold to Samuel Jones. Jones drove this car for 3 years before the Lead Acid batteries stopped charging and he parked it in a garage. Almost 25 years later Quinn Kavanaugh discovered this car for sale on Facebook market place. Declan, brother of Quinn Kavanaugh bought this car for the price of $3,500. Over the span of several months the car was restored to driving condition.



Jimmy Underhill

This car is almost street ready. It is currently owned by Jimmy Underhill in Denver, Colorado. He has plans to convert this car to lithium ion using Nissan Leaf batteries. It is the only known hatchback known to still exist.

electrek part 2.jpg

1980 COUPE

Declan Kavanaugh

This car recently purchased from Ken Jones by Declan Kavanaugh. He is currently trying to track down the history of this car.


1979 COUPE

Jimmy Underhill

This car was found in a lot in Denver, Colorado. It was purchased by Jimmy Underhill. Unfortunately, no history is known about this Electrek and it may not be driving ever again. It is interesting to note that this Electrek has an unknown variation of the Soleq Motor Controller and is missing several major pieces.


1982 COUPE

Carl Jennings

This car was purchased by Chase Powel from Ken Jones. It has been converted to lithium-ion and has a range of about 30 miles. It is now in California, owned by an ex-employee of Coda Motors!



Stu Updike

This Panel van was found in a field in Arizona. It is currently owned by Stu Updike who owns 2 electreks. This car may be up and running again in the next few years.


1981 COUPE

Stu Updike

This car is Stu Updike's second Electrek. It started its life as a Military test vehicle and was likely the brother to the car seen in the crash test footage. This car has a rewound motor and a new paint job, as well as some upgraded instrumentation for better driving.


1980 COUPE

Travis Tuttle

This car has little known history but is currently owned by Travis Tuttle. It is missing several major electrical components including the Soleq motor controller.


1979 COUPE

Western Development Museum

This Electrek was purchaced by the city of Saskatoon, Canada in hopes that they could use it as an Electric utility vehicle. However, the electrek did not pass their cold weather testing, as using the heater caused the range of the car to decrease significantly. It is now on display at the Museum of Western Development in Saskatoon, Canada.



Unknown Owner

This Electrek was only recently discovered in a museum in Pennsylvania. More information is being found.



Redacted owner

This Hatchback just popped back up after being missing for years. Currently located in Tennessee, it appears to be a little worse for wear but can be restored. More information coming soon.



Redacted Owner

This panel van is located in Wisconsin. Very little is known about it. I, Declan Kavanaugh, am taking a trip to get a better look at this car later this month.

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